Occurrence of Bleeding After Hemorrhoid Surgery

Bleeding after hemorrhoid surgery does not always happen but, on occasion it has been known to occur. Hemorrhoids are swollen anal veins, or varicose veins, in the canal of the anus. Typically created by straining for any number of reasons, hemorrhoids can become quite swollen and painful and protrusion is a common occurrence. The effects of hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable to say the least and although it can be an embarrassing situation for those who suffer with the condition, it will typically clear up either on its own or with the use of over the counter treatment options. There are many over the counter treatment options available to help relieve any subsequent effects of hemorrhoids. Over the counter treatments are always the first methods taken when treating hemorrhoids. In some cases however, when over the counter treatments fail to resolve the problem, surgical treatment is sometimes necessary as a last resort.

Hemorrhoid surgery is not necessarily the best option and never the first option because there is the risk of bleeding after hemorrhoid surgery. Over the counter treatment options are often all that is necessary to remedy the situation. Surgical procedures for hemorrhoids are not to be considered a cure although they may indeed remedy the matter. The results are exclusively individual and while some sufferers may never have a repeat occurrence, the chances of reoccurring hemorrhoids increase with surgery. That’s one of the reasons why surgery is considered as a last resort option.

In all cases where surgery is necessary, there are a several different surgeries or techniques that can be utilized for the removal of hemorrhoids. The particular surgical method that is chosen depends on the type, the size and the location of the hemorrhoid. Some of the surgery treatments available include Sderotherpay, Rubber Band Ligation, Hemorrhoidectomy and Laser Surgery. Your doctor will advise of the best method available for your particular needs. You should speak to your doctor in depth prior to having hemorrhoid surgery and get all the information that you can so that you have a complete understanding of what you can expect as well as what is normal before and after the surgery.

Bleeding after hemorrhoid surgery is not an uncommon occurrence however it should be minimal and should last only for a few days. It is not a normal occurrence to experience severe bleeding after the surgery. If after hemorrhoid surgery you are bleeding excessively, or even above slightly, or if you are concerned about your bleeding, you should contact your doctor or hospital immediately.

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Occurrence of Bleeding After Hemorrhoid Surgery