8 Causes of Male Weakness: Sport, Cheating, Lack of Variety?

There are a lot of things in marital life a person can put up with, but when a couple stops taking pleasure of sexual relations, the consequences may be deplorable. The point is that men and women have completely different point of view on what happens. Sometimes inoffensive words or actions act as a catalyst for the process of sexual relationship break-up. Let us examine a sliver of the full scope.

Male Weakness

Cause 1. Little account of intimate relations

This cause generally prevents from keeping interest in sex for those women who can make a home cozy, take care after their husbands, iron their shirts, sew buttons on their shirts, stand all troubles with their partners together, but forget about the fact that a husband is not just an object of care and support, but merely a man. They think that this is not so important and deny sex to their husbands making up various excuses. Moreover, they reckon that relations will not spoil, since they do not require sexual activities that much. Anyway, according to the data of American sociologists, men value all these housewifely talents is not so high as opposed to general opinion of a good wife. 76% of men place a high emphasis of sex in marriage, whereas only 47% of women share this opinion. As a rule, the situation progresses and forces a man to find a lover or a new wife.

Cause 2. Skeleton in the closet

For the years of life together, lots of mutual insults get accumulated. In case they are not forgiven, they slowly decay until a fair chance. He forgot that he had told her offensive words, had not bought flowers for wedding anniversary, or had left with friends for the party on the eve of son’s birthday. All these skeletons in the closet prevent from accepting a husband as a good lover when they are back to life again. The whole marital life appears in deformed light and there is no place for love anymore! In case a partner doesn’t pay much attention to the feelings of his or her beloved one, it important to be attentive to feelings of the one you love.

Cause 3. Failure expectation neurosis

This is the cause that knocks 40% of men out of service. They anticipatorily fear of any possible failure in bed. This fright is so strong that the representative of the sterner sex not even try to have a crack at having sex again: it is better to make a partner believe of remaining on the top than acknowledge apparent failure.

Cause 4. Incest syndrome

Very often the cause of male weakness is the fact that a woman considers that sex serves as means of providing future generations. She switches her interests into children and treats a man with maternal indulgence tutoring him. As a result, a man starts feeling that their feelings turned into another specter and their sexual relations become a kind of incest.

Cause 5. Wife’s temperament

When a man is very active, whereas a woman is much more conservative in her desires and tries to meet him half-way and waits until it all finally finishes. A man feels the formalities of such relations. As a rule, he finds someone else on the side who corresponds better with his temperament. In this particular case, women continue erroneously thinking that men are all alike and long for women of easy virtue.

Cause 6. Imposed standards

Very often men are very sensitive to various comparisons and records; therefore, they apply improper benchmarks to themselves. In cinema, mass media and conversations, there are mostly overestimated performance capabilities that are taken by men as standards. When an average man tries to comply with them, he often gets depressed and collapses. Some women accept this futile observation of standards as perverse fancy.

Cause 7. Manager syndrome

Most men suffer in bed from the fact they cannot switch from business and commercial problems into mere life pleasure, including sexual ones. This fact doesn’t depend on the level of men’s success – delight with a good stroke of business, won bidding, or record at court may distract not less than lack of money, unfair boss or complaints of creditors. Wariness and focusing illusion are very bad for potency in any case. As to women, they start worrying if their beloved ones are not in love with them anymore.

Cause 8. Cheating or frequent change of a partner

Steady sexual disorders often happen in men who frequently change partners. There is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases and psychological problems. Male potency undergoes considerable age-related and individual fluctuations. According to sexologists from Borderhealth.org, normal frequency of male sexual life is normally between three sexual intercourses a day and one coitus per month. Average frequency for a man up to 30 years is 3 and more times a week, after 30 years – 2-3 times, whereas above 60 and older – once per each 8-9 day.

Andrologists consider it to be a norm if men at the age between 30 and 45 may have sex not rarer than once a week. Nevertheless, in case a man is stimulated for more frequent sexual life or he strives to prove his strength to friends or watches too much certain TV programs, he may get exhausted in this sphere and become impotent. It is not for nothing that the Ancient Chinese considered that each man is to have strictly definite number of sexual intercourses. And in case he wastes his limit too fast, he will come across serious problems in the future. At the same time, it is well known that the best remedy for preservation of potency is regular sexual life. The nature is rational and it provides those systems of organism with energy that work and function. A man must not overload his muscles – they get weaker, and the same happens with sexual potency.

All in all, there are no sexual issues in the couples, where partners look out for each other, listen to wishes of each other, or fit themselves into his/her demands. Sex may become the best remedy for weariness; whereas patience and love of a woman are able to destroy failure expectation neurosis. Difference in the power of attraction will not harm for loving partners – they’ll definitely find ways to cooperate. This is not so difficult to enliven sexual life if refuse from clichés that are relevant only from a one-sided view.

Medical Factors of Male Weakness

  • Arteriovenous incapacity – occurs in case of mechanic impairment of penile blood supply. These may be hypospadias, hydrocele, cicatrices, edemas, and inflammations. Also, impotency may be damaged by cardio-vascular diseases.
  • Cortical sexual failure – occurs because of neurotransmission impairment from cerebrum. Very often only erection suffers, but libido and ejaculation stay normal (since spinal cord is responsible for them). The causes lie in cerebrum traumas, intoxication, ischemic disorder, chronic anemia, etc.
  • Spinal impotency – a cause in pathologies of spinal cord section responsible for erection and ejaculation. This impotency type occurs in case of spinal traumas and edemas. Also, it may occur on the basis on medullitis, syphilis, multiocular sclerosis and tuberculosis.
  • Neuroreceptory impotency develops due to the action on peripheral receptors of outside swellings. It happens in case of inflammations and prostatic edemas, urinary tract and testess.
  • Hormonal ED occurs because of failure in the work of endocrine system. For instance, this may be impairment or complete blocking of testes functionality, pathology of hypothalamus, hypophysis and supramental capsule. Hormonal impotency causes failure of libido, erection, ejaculation, and male fertility.
  • Infectious impotency occurs due to infectious diseases. Erection will be mostly affected in case of infectious impairment of urinary system.

Psychogenic ED Therapy

  • Daily regime correction;
  • Consultation by a specialist (sexologist or psychologist);
  • ED medications.

Medications for erectile dysfunction depend on its cause. ED pills are used for temporary elimination of symptoms, i.e. for artificial stimulation of erection. The most popular remedies are Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra, and their multiple generics.

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